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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelchele Natural

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelchele Natural

This is a NATURAL (Dry processed) Yirgacheffe coffee from the subregion of Chelchele and processed at the Worka mill. This area (Gedeo Zone) grows some of the highest regarded and most expensive Yirgacheffe beans, grown over 6000 feet above sea level. This crop was packed in grainpro bags to seal in and preserve freshness. They are sorted, sorted, sorted until they have achieved Grade 1 status which is rare for a natural coffee from Ethiopia. The result of all this care is that you have a flawlessly clean tasting coffee with sweet fruity tastes and aroma. The flavors aren't over the top with intensity, but you'll note flavors of blackberry, graham cracker, strawberry, jasmine, sweet tea with a slightly thin mouthfeel. The coffee has no earthy or fermented tastes, and a sweet nice lingering aftertaste. 

At least some of the beans appear to be Longberry which are usually grown around Harrar. Roast this like you would any other natural process Ethiopia. If the berry notes are too potent, take it a degree darker to subdue it. If you're missing the sweetness or the flavor seems flat (this is a VIBRANT coffee!), take it a degree lighter next time to appreciate the sugars in this bean. Being a natural processed coffee, you shouldn't take this coffee into the 2nd cracks -- we don't get it anywhere close to that level.

US arrival May 2023

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