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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Washed

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Washed

We don't carry too many washed process Ethiopians, but once in awhile one comes along that's too good to resist. This Yirgacheffe comes from the ADADO tribe of 7000 farmers. Washed Yirgacheffe coffee tends to have thin body, floral aroma, a powerful lemon drop candy taste, a lot of sweetness, and be somewhat confusing to the poor unassuming person you give a mug of it to whether they are drinking coffee or tea. What stands this lot apart is the stone fruit taste. In addition to the jasmine aroma, lemon candy, and sweetness, is the presence of apricot and peach; and the body is more creamy than your typical Yirgacheffe. Furthermore, what really stands out with this lot is the clarity of flavor. Its not just sweet and fruity all mushed together. It's distinct in its different flavor notes, as you savor each sip. A real show-stopper. Coffees like this don't come around just every day.

Of course it's good hot, but it also makes wonderful iced coffee and cold-brew. Being a washed process coffee, this Yirg takes just a little more heat to keep up with a roasting curve than the natural Ethiopians that we usually stock, and it's a good idea to go maybe 15-20 seconds darker than the natural coffees. If you are getting sour or tart lemon, you are underroasting it. The sweet spot is going to be candied fruit -- if you get it too dark, you still get fruit, but you lose the candy sweetness. My goal is about 35 seconds before the 2nd cracks start. You have the option of dark roasting it if that's your thing, and this is particularly good advice if you are going to be using it as espresso or in an aeropress.

US Arrival July 2021

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