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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hirut Shallo

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hirut Shallo

Hirut Shallo is one farmer among the 255 farmers in wild, remote Halo Bariti. She runs the farm together with her husband and 4 children and coffee is their primary source of income.

It is being marketed and officially labeled as a Yirgacheffe, but in truth, it is grown too far south to be Yirgacheffe and is technically part of the Gedeb region in the Gedeo zone. It's exported by Konga Trading PLC. The members of the co-op own their own land and can boast that they have the highest altitude to work with in the entire country of Ethiopia (4800 to 6800 feet above sea level). It's an area where wild, heirloom coffee grows naturally, and even though this co-op is cultivating the coffee plants for commercial sale, they still grow heirloom varietals native to their land, some of which aren't grown anywhere else in the world.

This is a natural (dry) process coffee and so we are roasting it lightly -- barely even out of the 1st cracks. It has some juniper and lime notes that come right out, and a nice acidity. It's not the most exciting, complex Ethiopia you've ever had, but altogether pleasant and sweet and easy to drink. It doesn't matter if you get it a few degrees too dark. It's just good coffee. Compared to most natural processed coffees, it's fairly easy to roast and easy to brew. You're going to like this one.

US Arrival August 2023

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