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Ethiopia Washed Shakiso Mormora

Ethiopia Washed Shakiso Mormora

This is a washed (wet processed) coffee from the remote southern area of Ethiopia, below Yirgacheffe and Guji. Shakiso is the name of the village, and the coffee company organizing the farmers together is called Mormora. They have organic certification and have been in business for seven years.

This is a grade 1 sort, which is the highest level of sorting in Ethiopia's grading system. Washed Ethiopia coffees are still fruity, but not nearly as intensely fruity as the naturals. However, this does make it more approachable for some people, and they are also considerably easier to roast. You can roast it anywhere from light to medium to dark. Obviously darker roasts do pick up bitterness and lose sweetness, but the bean is dense enough to handle the heat. We like it really light -- just 20 seconds out of the 1st cracks. It is super crisp and clean, none of the fermented or earthy tastes that you sometimes run into with a natural process coffee. Tastes of citrus, tamarind, lemongrass are most prominent, with sweetness and really nice mouthfeel.

The coffee has a full body, a zippy acidity, and a sweet nice lingering aftertaste. Drink it slowly and methodically and enjoy the flashes of different fruity flavors in each sip.

It came into the USA in September 2018.

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