Ethiopia Natural Guji Shakiso

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This is a sundried (natural processed) coffee from the remote southern area of Ethiopia, below Yirgacheffe and Guji. Shakiso is the name of the village, and the coffee company organizing the farmers together is called Mormora. They have organic certification and have been in business for seven years.

We enjoyed it best when we roasted it just like every other natural Ethiopia. Take it about 30 degrees more once the first cracks begin. Don't draw out the roast too long. If you keep it hurried along from around 300 degrees up to the first cracks, you'll get a nice zippy acidity as well as the sweetness and complexity. 

The coffee has a really bright acidity, lots of sweetness, and is really fruity. We are noting tastes of peaches first and foremost, with a little bit of juicy watermelon and sweet grape. Clean finish, no defects, no murky or earthiness. Drink it slowly and methodically and enjoy the flashes of different flavors in each sip and the effervescent acidity on your tongue.

It came into the USA in June 2020.

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