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Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

Reminds me of a Sidamo, but it is a sundried (natural processed) coffee from the remote southern area of Ethiopia, below Yirgacheffe in a remote region called Guji. Shakiso is a washing station (processes the coffee) that helps out 700 small farmers in the surrounding village. They have organic certification and have been in business for eight years. This is a top grade 1 sort.

We enjoyed it best when we roasted it just like every other natural Ethiopia. Take it about 30 degrees more once the first cracks begin. Don't draw out the roast too long. If you keep it hurried along from around 300 degrees up to the first cracks, you'll get a nice zippy acidity as well as the sweetness and complexity. 

The coffee is bright, with cocoa and fruit. We are noting tastes of apricot, floral, plum, chocolate. Clean finish, no defects.

US Arrival: July 2023

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