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Ethiopia Limu Nigusie Lemma

Ethiopia Limu Nigusie Lemma

This natural process coffee comes from the Limu region of Ethiopia which lies north of Yirgacheffe but still in the perfect climate for good coffee. This is exported as grade 3 coffee, which is the norm for natural Ethiopians, but other than being smallish, the beans are remarkably clean and defect-free for being a natural process. They are packed in grainpro bags and smell very sweet when you open the bag. The exporter Nigusie Lemma group supports only small farms and knows what they're doing. The man running the mill here is the same man who started the legendary Idido Misty Valley Ethiopian mill a few years ago. This coffee bypasses the goernment run Ethiopian Exchange and directly pays the farmers whose coffees are selected to be milled. The coffee came into the US in May 2015.

It has intense juicy sweetness, and a sweet clean aftertaste. The taste of berries is predominant, and it is more of strawberry than a blackberry or blueberry, but I think you could agree its a mixed berry juice. There are some cocoa notes here as well. It is best suited to a lighter roast, and we don't take it too far beyond the 1st cracks. While it is certainly enjoyable as normal coffee, it is a killer selection for iced coffee or cold brew coffee because of the fruit sweetness.

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