Ethiopia Guji Washed Adame Gorbota

This area is also known as the Gedeo Zone and produces several lots of coffee each year, of varying quality. The very best grade for an Ethiopia is Grade 1, but the mill decided to produce a special microlot better than Grade 1, so they are calling this Grade 0, and claiming zero defects. In fairness, I can't find any defects, so I think they achieved their goal. They also vacuum packed the coffee on site to keep it incredibly fresh.It comes to us in 33 pound bags and you hear the air whooshing in as soon as you slice into the bag.

Guji is a region that was pooled together with Sidamo until a few years ago. Located in the southern portion of Sidamo, Guji is now one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia and is categorized distinctly from Sidamo or Yirgacheffe. This particular town is called Adame Gorbota and the mill is called the same thing. 

It is one of the most rural remote areas imaginable. 8 hours of dusty, nearly impassable dirt roads with incredible views. Sometimes the coffee has to be packed out with horses because travel is so difficult.

Being a washed processed coffee, you have to keep it at a light roast, roughly 20 seconds after the 1st cracks have stopped is our sweet spot.  Erring too light will make it sour.  Erring too dark will make it bitter and no fruit flavor. We're tasting lemonade, blackberry, pineapple, jasmine.

US Arrival October 2022

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