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Ethiopia Agaro Family Washed

Ethiopia Agaro Family Washed

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Ethiopian coffee is unique and distinctive and this is an excellent example of an extremely refreshing and surprisingly fruit-forward washed offering that works very well either hot or iced (we particularly enjoyed it as cold brew).    

The Agaro Family grows coffee in south Ethiopia in the Oromia Region is one of the farmers within the co-op of Adame Garbota in wild, remote Gedeo Zone. He and his family of 6 girls and 3 boys sorted the crop to a grade 1 status and processed by the Kata Muduga cooperative, and then sold as a premium microlot. Less subdued than many washed coffees we've experienced from Ethiopia, there is a lot of complexity and fruitiness to be experienced including sweet citrus, floral notes, tropical fruit, and a tea-like juiciness.

Ethiopia Oromia Washed Process: Apricot, Orange tea, Lemon, Chamomile, Lavender