El Salvador Santa Ana Natural

El Salvador Santa Ana Natural

ElThis El Salvador is a natural sundried processed coffee from the Santa Ana region which is made up of small farmers in the region. They grow the coffee at 3000 to 4000 feet up in the mountains, mostly of Pacas and Bourbon varietals. The farmers divide their harvest into washed, honey, and natural coffee processing. This year we are stocking the natural beans. They are well sorted and almost look like a washed process coffee because of how even the coloration is.

Natural coffees from Central America tend to be creamy with fruity and sweet qualities to it. this one is not particularly fruity, but it hits you really hard with an aroma of caramel, and then there is some strawberry and green tea notes for sure. One of us commented on a chocolate covered cherry tasting note, and we all thought it was a pretty basic normal coffee but with extra sweetness and a little fruit and a smooth creamy caramelly mouthfeel. A coffee like this appeals to pretty much everyone, because if they want "normal coffee" it's not so weird that they find it unusual. However, if you like interesting coffees, there is enough complexity here that you can sip at it with great satisfaction and keep going back for a refill.

You want to keep this roast on the shorter end of things, with maybe just 20 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks for coffee, and more like 30-40 seconds for espresso. We needed the crema and fruitiness of a natural coffee for our espresso blend, so we are primarily roasting this as an espresso component, but it's nice as coffee as well.

Don't try taking it dark. As with most natural-processed coffees, it is going to taste burnt if you take it to the 2nd cracks.

US Arrival August 2021