El Salvador Finca Divina

This El Salvador is a red bourbon washed processed coffee on the Finca Divina Providencia estate. It is one of La Minita's partner farms, ensuring that they have overseen the quality of the coffee, as well as upheld environmental and social standards.

El Salvador is still reeling from the coffee fungus epidemic that attacked their industry, and the overall quality from the country this year was disappointing and depressing. But this gem came across our cupping table, and we were very impressed. Took us 4 more months to finally get it here, and we were afraid by the time it got here it wouldn't even be special, but it still is. This is an amazing coffee. It is overall tart and bright with a soft mouthfeel, but the initial taste of tart (sour cherry) with a lot of brightness (lime) turns into floral and herbal (basil) and ends with cocoa. The fruit is less prominent than in a natural-processed coffee, but it is apparent. For a washed coffee, it has amazing complexity. You don't have to use your imagination too much.

We are roasting it on the light side, but don't go too light or the sourness is too prominent. For us, its about 3 degrees darker than a Costa Rica, about 5 degrees lighter than a Colombia. Just on the light end of a medium roast. Not into 2nd cracks, but you know they're about to start. 

This coffee arrived in the US in August 2019.