Ecuador Hakuna Matata

Ecuador Hakuna Matata

Ecuador coffee is a rarity. There are two problems with sourcing Ecuadorian coffee. The first is the low volume that the country exports. They ship out 400,000 pounds a year which sounds like a lot, but when you think about 50 million pounds a year out of Brazil and 15 million pounds a year out of Colombia, you understand Ecuador's industry is just a speck on the graph. The second problem is that all of the coffee here is still processed by hand by the individual farmers, and with varying success. And then all pooled together by the various members of the co-op. So finding a lot of Ecuador that actually shines is rare, although when you DO find one, they are magically good and reminiscient of a fine Panama bean. Increcibly floral and aromatic with creamy mouthfeel and sweet mildly fruity taste.

What I can say about this one, is it is one of the rare and magically good ones. It is grown on one of the few farms in the country, and the farm takes meticulous care of their growing, sorting, and processing. The farmer is a retired surgeon and has the same attention to detail in his coffee as he did in his career. He named his farm Hakuna Matata and lives in Ecuador as a retired sugeon, who grows expensive coffee. The beans are all the Typica variteal, grown at 4,000-4500 feet above sea level, and the perfect coffee climate right on the Ecuador.

A City roast offers tremendous flavor. Far nicer than the other South American coffees we are used to. Here, you note the floral aroma and jasmine sweetness. Low acidity. The floral beginning is followed with caramel and white grape, and a hint of almonds at the finish. I would compare it to a really nice Panama coffee.

As you go darker, you lose the sweetness and floral notes of the coffee. It's still good coffee, all the way up to the 2nd cracks, but with a coffee this special, you would be well advised to keep it at a light roast.

However, this makes awesome espresso if you roast it to the 2nd cracks.

This is a December 2015 arrival. It is crazy expensive, but even at that price, it apparently sold out in 3 days. We got the last 2 bags and the importer said we were lucky to get it at all.