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East Timor

East Timor FTO

East Timor FTO

East Timor grows and processes coffee much like its neighbors in Sumatra and Sulawesi. The Coffee Cooperative of Timor (CCT) has organized farmers in the growing regions of Aifu and Ermera to produce this coffee. The hybrid of coffee grown in Timor has a robusta strain in it, and while it doesn't hurt the taste of their coffee, it does give it quite a bit of extra caffeine. Actually, the quality of Timor beans has been improving year after year, and it's to the point where there are some interesting complexity and flavors to be found. But Timor is still relatively inexpensive compared to other Indonesians, and it's a solid Indonesian coffee origin -- several people have told me it is their very favorite, so I try to keep some around.

You want to take it at least to a Full City+ roast (slow beginning of 2nd cracks) and you get a fairly low-key coffee with no offensive attributes. There is a slight metallic taste to it (in a good way) and little to no earthiness. In a dark roast (25+ seconds of the 2nd cracks), it will remind you somewhat of a clean Sumatra Mandheling -- low acid, syrupy body. It's not bitter and it's bursting with flavor. Here it has more of a tobacco and a chocolate note to it because you are starting to taste the "roast", and it's quite drinkable. Finally, you can take it all the way to 60 seconds of 2nd cracks to get an oily Italian roast with full body and flavor and not overly burnt/ashy flavor.

Adding Timor to your espresso blend gives it creamier mouthfeel without the earthiness that a Sumatra would add.

CCT's coffee is certified organic fair trade.

USA arrival: April 2023

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