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Dragonfruit is a crazy fruit that grows on a cactus. It has an enthralling aroma and tastes somewhat similar to that of a strawberry, but is distinctly its own flavor. Dragonfruit has such a fantastic flavor, and everyone should try it. We love it iced, and even iced with lemonade is a fantastic summer drink. I could see it being the trending flavor of the year.

Ingredients: Dragonfruit, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Apple, Orange Peel, Strawberries, Pineapple, Rose Petals, Marigold Petals, Natural Flavor.

Tasting Notes: Wild dragonfruits freshly plucked from a cactus

Steep: 4 tsp of tea for every 12oz water. Water temperature: 205. Add 1 Tbsp of sugar for every 12 ounce of water. Steep time 5 minutes. Refrigerate. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Hot: 1.5 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Water temperature 205. Steep for 4 minutes. Sweetener recommended.

Approximately 7 Tbsp in a 1 ounce package.