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Decaf Peru (Swiss Water Process)

Decaf Peru (Swiss Water Process)

This decaf went through the Swiss Water Process plant in Canada, which I generally do not prefer vs the other decaf options, but one advantage to Swiss Water Process decafs is that they aren't as discolored and the cracks aren't as soft as with most decafs. They look more like normal green coffee which means that people who use color and sound to help them know when to end the roast will find these some of the easiest decaf beans to roast up.

These are nicely sorted beans, but they don't taste as nice as they look. As with most Swiss Water beans, there is a decaf-taste to them, sort of a papery, thin flavor that just makes it less than desirable in light and medium roasts. However, you can french roast it (30 seconds of 2nd cracks) and get an awesome sweet dark decaf with chocolate undertones. You can also take it just into 2nd cracks and get a nice shot of decaf espresso out of it.

It is both Organic and Fair Trade certified, and has the Water processing to stand behind, so it is a very responsible decaf! If you are looking for a dark roast decaf, this is a good deal.

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