Decaf Papua New Guinea

This one turned out fantastic. They took a fresh lot of tropical fruit/buttery Papua New Guinea from the Bebes washing mill and decaffeinated it up at the Canadian Swiss Water Process plant and it doesn't even taste like a decaf coffee.

One advantage to Swiss Water Process decafs is that they aren't as discolored and the cracks are louder than with most decafs. They look more like normal green coffee which means that people who use color and sound to help them know when to end the roaIst will find these some of the easiest decaf beans to roast up.

You can do a few different things with this bean. If you get it too light, it is a little vegetal, so you need to  get it at least 30 seconds out of 1st cracks, but that's where you get tropical fruit juiciness (passionfruit?) and a buttery mouthfeel. Very clean, crisp. You can also treat it like a Sumatra and give it 30+ seconds of 2nd cracks and get an awesome sweet dark decaf with nutty undertones. It has a thinner mouthfeel than with Sumatra, but it's a nice change. You can medium roast it (just barely-- or even not quite into-- 2nd cracks) and enjoy a nutty buttery result . You can also blend the light roasts with the dark roasts for the best of both worlds.  

For those of you who love coffee and aren't allowed the caffeine, this is an exciting and much needed new addition to our selection.

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