Decaf Mexico (MC Process)

Decaf Mexico (MC Process)

Really nice decafs have been hard to find on the market the past couple years know, but this Mexico is worth a try.

A nice clean sweet Central American coffee full of flavor. Decaf coffee is typically best when roasted dark, and this one certainly can take the heat; but it also happens to be a great choice for those who want to roast a light to medium decaf. As a light roast it has fantastic nutty flavor, full body, sweet aftertaste, a little bit of tangy citrus. It's smoother than what regular Mexico coffee tends to be. As a medium roast, you get milk chocolate and nice creaminess. As a dark roast, it does hold up well, but the body is a little bit thin and it loses some of its flavor -- it's fine, but the light roast is where it really shines.

The aftertaste on the coffee has a little bit of that decaf taste, but all in all, it is a solid coffee.

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