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Decaf Colombia (EA Process)

Decaf Colombia (EA Process)

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This is one of the nicest decaf Colombia coffees we have tasted. We are roasting it fairly light -- even a little bit lighter than regular caffeinated Colombia. Treating it like a washed Costa Rica coffee in the roaster, and that's about what it tastes like as well. It has higher moisture content than most decaf coffees, so it needs extra heat compared to other decafs. There is citrus and sweetness and a fair amount of complexity with pretty good mouthfeel.

The EA decaf process is only being done in Colombia right now, so the only beans being decaffinated this way are Colombia beans. Ethyl Acetate is a compound found in sugarcane, and introducing this natural compound to the coffee eliminates 97% of the caffeine from it. It seems like it may retain the most flavor in the coffee of any currently used decaf process methods. I hope that it catches on and we start seeing other coffees decaffeinated using this method!