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Central America

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

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A very highly rated Costa Rican, and one of the best known mills and with strict quality standards. It’s a very dense hard bean grown at 4000-5000 feet altitude, and requires more heat than most Costa Ricans. It's part of an organization called EarthWatch which heavily researches sustainable agricultural practices.

We are roasting it pretty light. About 45 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks. It's a fine line of ending the roast too soon and getting a little bit of vegetal/grassy flavor, or ending it too late and missing out on the subtle complexities. But just take notes as you're roasting and you can probably nail it by your second attempt. 

This is one of the first 2022 Costa Rica arrivals, even though its really late getting here. I'm tasting a comforting red fruit (pomegranate? cherry?) with citrus and floral, and clean finish.  It's not like what I think of as a Costa Rica from this region, but it is altogether enjoyable and super easy to drink a large mug of this. I know we have some customers who have success roasting this coffee darkly, but I do feel like there are better choices for dark roasts. 

US Arrival May 2024