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Costa Rica Rio Negro

Costa Rica Rio Negro

Rio Negro is an estate in the Coto Brus region which is in the very southernmost part of the country, bordering Panama, and sitting at approximately 4000 feet above sea level. This is an early arrival of 2016 Costa Rica -- not necessarily the best we'll have this year, but certainly better than anything left from 2015. This farm was named after the Rio Negro river running through it. It is set up to La Minita standards as far as growing, picking, and testing. Indeed, the quality is not disappointing. Medical and Dental clinic on site take care of the farm workers medical needs. The workers earn a fair income, and the farm practices sustainable and organic farming, and it is Rain Forest Alliance certified. This coffee has an alluring floral fragrance to it in light roasts, like a honeysuckle and rose petal. It also has light citrus undertones, and very slight acidity. It's just a delicate sophisticated coffee, much like what you would find coming from Panama, but available at a much lower price.

Most commercial / semi-commercial roasters I’m acquainted with sell Costa Rica on the darker side of roasts, with at least a spotty oil on the beans. I feel that Costa Rica rarely makes a good choice for dark roast, as the body becomes too thin as you go into the 2nd cracks. This coffee is really good at Full City roast, say 408 degrees bean temperature --about 60 seconds out of the 2nd cracks begininng. At that level it showcases its floral and sweet orange undertones -- really enjoyable. I wouldn't take this bean darker than that unless you want to pull espresso shots with it, at which point you could take it 10+ seconds into 2nd cracks.

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