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Central American

Costa Rica Maria Rita

Costa Rica Maria Rita

The Maria Rita farm is part of the ASOPROAAA fair trade co-op. The farm is 3000 feet high on the mountain and carefully maintained, producing a small crop that sells at a large premium over the main ASOPROAAA crop. It grows the typical Caturra and Catui varietals, but the trees receive the morning sunlight, are kept cool by cloudiness in the afternoons, and have a variety of fruit trees that provide shade. Environmentally conscious and driven by quality, this is a fine Costa Rican microlot.

We roast it light enough to enjoy the tartness, zippy acidity, and fruit undertones. About 30 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks is our recomendation, but I know we have customers who roast Costa Ricans darker than that, and this one does hold up better than most to such roasts. In the lighter roasts, we enjoy the tart nectarine, strawberry sweetness, and cocoa finish.

Arrived in US in July 2019

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