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Central America

Costa Rica La Rosa

Costa Rica La Rosa

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La Rosa is grown in the Naranjo region at 4,000 feet above sea level in the middle of the country. The cultivars are Caturra and Catuai, and beans are sorted out as a large size 16 screensize. The aroma has a nice floral smell. The co-op is part of a rather large group that covers all of Naranjo, but there are only 4 farms growing the particular coffee sold as "La Rosa" (the rose) and their claim to fame is the floral aroma in their coffee.

The coffee does have a nice aroma, but this year the taste is more of cocoa and fruit. Washed Costa Ricans are not known to be particularly complex, but rather they are enjoyable for their subtle nuances. The nuances in this one lean towards rose hips, citrus, caramel, apple and chocolate, with a hint of lemon. The acidity is not overbearing, and the aftertaste is clean and pleasant, making it easy to go back for another refill. We usually describe washed Costa Ricans as "Balanced" because it has a medium acidity, medium complexity, and medium body.

We roast it 35 seconds past the 1st cracks, and not into the 2nd cracks: there’s a surprising amount of body and smoothness for a coffee of this fairly light roast level. The beans like as much airflow as possible while being roasted. If you're roasting in an oven, you may find the outside to get overdone while the inside is underroasted. But if you have an air-roaster, they will do particularly well. In a drum roaster, just make sure to keep them spinning and keep the airflow high, and don't overdo the flame.

It’s really an ideal morning cup of coffee, bound to set your day off in a good way.

Arrived in US in May 2024