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Central America

Costa Rica La Minita Sundried

Costa Rica La Minita Sundried

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The La Minita farm boasts meticulously grown coffee, paying attention to every detail, and turning the profits into educating, caring for, and improving the lives of those living nearby. Only about 1,000 burlap bags a year are sold, and the beans branded as "La Minita" are only the top 18% of their total crop, after being sorted several times. It’s grown high enough that you can roast it as dark as you like, but that would be a shame. It’s best when roasted slowly; the beans are dense and require more heat than most. Just a snap or two into the second cracks you will find a low acidity, sweet grain, and refreshing juiciness.

Well this year the farm decided to take 2000 pounds and let it dry under the sun on a drying patio for a few days before taking it to the mill. It's still technically a washed process coffee, but they labeled the bag and the microlot as being "sundried" and the result was a version of La Minita that has more aroma and more pronounced complexity. 

The subtle flavors of maple and caramel and lemon that you find in Costa Rica La Minita Washed are now brought to the  forefront and are much more pronounced.  So this is La Minita but with stronger aroma, more caramel, more floral, sweeter. Pricey, but very drinkable and likable. 

We roast it about 5 degrees lighter than the regular bean. Lots of flame and very light roast.

USA arrival July 2024