Costa Rica La Minita Anaerobic Washed

Costa Rica La Minita Anaerobic Washed

This Costa Rica coffee was processed using a new process in the coffee industry. It's called anaerobic process because the coffee is put in containers with no oxygen as it is dried. 

They can track the progress of the fermentation by the temperature of the outside of the barrel. If there is a significant increase in the temperature inside the barrel it means that an aerobic fermentation is happening. If it is not controlled on time, vinegar, extreme ferment, and different types of unpleasant acidic flavors can develop in the cup.” Somewhere around four full days is usually about right. When done well, the process bring out notes of spice in addition to fruit and sweetness.

This coffee was grown and processed at the La Minita estate in the Tarrazu region. I'm roasting it about 4 degrees lighter than normal La Minita coffee and coaxing out some winey, cinnamon, brown sugar, peach notes. I've had anaerobic coffees from a few other sources where I was disappointed, but this one turned out perfect.

US Arrival: August 2023

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