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Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain Natural

Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain Natural

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The Guji Region is one of the most remote coffee regions, but also produces some of the most legendary coffees. The Kayon Mountain Estate processed this coffee grown by the farmers in the surrounding village. It is a natural processed coffee to accentuate the floral and sweet tastes of this Ethiopian bean.

They grow Typica varietal and it really brings out more floral notes than fruity notes, but there is definitely citrus and tangerine with slight blueberry notes but also perfumey aroma and flavor that takes you to a flower garden. You want to roast this bean light in order to best enjoy them. You want to roast this like you would any other natural processed Ethiopia coffee and don't take it too far out of first cracks or give it too long of a roast.  It's a grade 1 process, and the beans are very clean and well sorted with a crisp clarity.

August 2023 arrival in USA.