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Colombia Tolima ASOPAP

Colombia Tolima ASOPAP

This Colombia is from the Tolima region, and it is a Fair Trade Organic Certified coffee from the ASOPAP co-op made up of 46 farmers. As Colombia goes, it's pretty traditional, pretty simple and straight-forward. It's certainly drinkable, an above average Colombia with a fair amount of cola sweetness, a little nuttiness, and no surprises.

The Tolima growing region has become one of my favorite coffee regions in Colombia for two reasons. 1- it consists of mostly small farmers with a passion for quality and minimal corruption. 2 -- the altitude is perfect for coffee. Anything too light will come off as being sour and tangy. My favorite landing point is Full City, not quite into the 2nd cracks, where you get full body, normal coffee flavor, slight acidity, slight earthiness. You can also take it quite dark (up to 40 seconds of 2nd cracks) for a french roast with cocoa undertones. It is a supremo sized bean, fairly well sorted with few defects, high altitude coffee.

USA Arrival December 2023

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