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Colombia Passion Fruit Co-Ferment

Colombia Passion Fruit Co-Ferment

This Colombian coffee was processed using a new process in the coffee industry. It's called Co-Fermentation, and a secondary ingredient is introduced during fermentation to effect the final outcome. In this case, pieces of passion fruit were added to the coffee cherries and they underwent anaerobic process in the same container before being taken out and fully washed and dried to normal levels. 

This coffee was grown and processed by a single farm (Finca Monteblanca)growing a single varietal (Purple Caturra) in the Huila region. I'm roasting it even lighter than a natural process sundried Colombian coffee and letting it out of the roaster just barely out of the first cracks. The passion fruit flavor is all over it, but beyond that we are coaxing out some apple, winey, cinnamon, chocolate, and tropical fruit notes.

It's certainly not a traditional coffee, but it intrigues me to wonder about where this process is going. I'm not sure passion fruit is the game changing addition, but maybe there's an ingredient that's so tasty it will become commonplace to be processed with coffee cherries? I don't know! Co-fermentation is a fascinating idea, and I do look forward to bringing in more of these experiments as more farmers play with it. 

US Arrival: September 2023

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