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Green Coffee

Colombia Huila Guadalupe

Colombia Huila Guadalupe

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Colombia is making great strides in traceability, quality, and responsible farming. This washed process microlot came from the Huila region via the Guadalupe co-op. Red Bourbon is one of the classic old heirloom varietals from which many hybrids have sprung off, and we especially seek it out when buying Costa Rican coffees, but it's equally special out of Colombia. The trees doesn't produce much and it doesn't live very long. So even though it has a good reputation for how it tastes, it's very rarely grown and has to cost a lot to warrant the hassle.

Red Bourbon coffee has sweetness like brown sugar with some red apple, blood orange, and hints of tobacco. This one is a pretty classic Colombian coffees but without the bitterness. You pretty much want to roast it like a regular Colombia washed process coffee. For us, that means just shy of 2nd cracks. 

Producing red bourbon coffee requires a crazy amount of labor and passion. You sometimes see them out of Brazil, but not too often in Colombia. It's not cheap, but it's a labor of love.

US Arrival April 2024