Colombia Huila Nieva

Colombia Huila Nieva

Colombian farmers are really starting to pay attention to quality and discovering that higher quality equals higher prices for their crops. 

Nieva is a city within the Huila region. The Huila region is generally my favorite. It sits in the south center of the country, enjoys altitudes of 4500-5000 feet, and is known for coffees with more of a cocoa and sweet stone-fruit taste than those in the northern regions of Colombia.

This particular lot is extra complex and has notes of orange and peach. It has a lot of sweetness and is quite pleasant but at a medium roast or even a dark roast, it's largely still "normal coffee"

Full City+, barely, if at all, into 2nd cracks, this is my sweet spot for roasting most Colombians, and this one is no exception. There are some peach and orange notes, big body, hint of savory herbs. Overall sweetness, no bitterness, and clean aftertaste.

French Roast -- 60 seconds of 2nd cracks -- big bold flavor without ashy tastes or too much bitterness. Nothing special here, but a little cream pulls out the caramel flavor.

US Arrival: March 2022