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Colombia Huila Aceveda

Colombia Huila Aceveda

Aceveda is a city within the Huila region. The Huila region is generally my favorite. It sits in the south center of the country, enjoys altitudes of 4500-5000 feet, and is known for coffees with more of a cocoa and sweet stone-fruit taste than those in the northern regions of Colombia.

This particular lot is extra cocoa, particularly if you nudge it a couple degrees darker than usual. At a medium roast or even a dark roast, it's largely still "normal coffee" with lots of body and cocoa notes but nothing too weird.

Full City+, a few second into 2nd cracks, this is my sweet spot for this one.

French Roast -- 60 seconds of 2nd cracks -- big bold flavor without ashy tastes or too much bitterness. Nothing special here, but a little cream pulls out caramel flavor and it works.

US Arrival: April 2023

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