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Colombia Huila Double Fermentation

Colombia Huila Double Fermentation

This Colombian coffee was processed using a new experimental process in the coffee industry. It's called Double Fermentation process because the coffee is fermented as normal, dried, and then put through the fermentation tank a second time to bring out a sweeter, more fruity, more complex mug of coffee. A little more tangy than a normal Colombia with hints of grape jam. We are roasting it 4 degrees lighter than a normal washed Colombia.

This coffee was grown by the El Balcon group ("The Balcony") in the Huila region. It's called that because the way the hills grow up around the river valley, it looks like you're standing in an auditorium looking down at a stage. There are about 50 producers involved in this group. We are looking forward to more experiments coming out of this co-op. 

US Arrival January 2024

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