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Colombia Huila Double Fermentation

Colombia Huila Double Fermentation

This Colombian coffee was processed using a new experimental process in the coffee industry. It's called Double Fermentation process because the coffee is fermentated as normal, dried, and then put through the fermentation tank a second time to bring out a sweeter, more fruity, more complex mug of coffee. 

It definitely worked. This is one of the most exciting Colombia coffees we've tasted recently, with definite grape and orange notes shining through. We roast it like a normal washed Colombia except that it needs a little bit more heat through the middle of the roast, and we end the roast 4 degrees sooner than normal (409 degree bean temperature on our roaster. About 45 seconds before the 2nd cracks would begin).

This coffee was grown and processed at the Terra Coffee SAS group in the Huila region. There are about 50 producers involved in this group. Last year we bought an Anaerobic process coffee from them which was equally exciting as this one. We are looking forward to more experiments coming out of this co-op. 

US Arrival March 2022

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