Clouds and Mist

Clouds and Mist

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Yun-Wu, translated Clouds and Mist, is grown high on the peaks of the Wuling Mountains, in the Hunan Province, high on a mysterious mountain with blindingly thick fog which acts as a natural shade for growing tea.

Clouds and Mist green tea is a prized tea, consisting only of the first spring harvest which has the most tender buds and leaves, boasting the most in depth flavor and sweetest taste.

The taste of this tea is considered "vegetal" meaning it is a green tea with slight seaweed, but it's also very sweet. It may not be the best green tea to just "jump into" if you are new to tea, but if you have worked your way up with progressively higher grades of green tea, you will enjoy this mug. The mouthfeel is buttery smooth, and there are floral and citrus notes to the aroma. It's rare to find so much sweetness in a green tea. It leaves a clean taste in your mouth. The leaves can be successfully steeped up to 3 times.

Using water over 175 degrees will cause the bitter tannins to be released, and essentially ruin this tea. To appreciate this tea, do not oversteep, and do not use too hot of water.

Tasting Notes: Buttery, Seaweed, Sweet

Steep: 2 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Water temperature: 170. Steep time 2-3 minutes. Sweetener: None

Approximately 28 tsp in a 1 ounce package.