Burundi Ngozi Natural

Burundi Ngozi Natural

The Ngozi region is right next to Kayanza and has some of the best coffee in Burundi.  It is surrounded by the Ruvubu National Forest, has freshwater lakes, and is close enough to the capital city to have access to infrastructure and technological advances. 

It is a sundried natural process coffee, processed at the Rimiro mill which focuses on helping the smallest farmers. This particular coffee was a lot of just 1300 pounds.

We are roasting is like most any other natural African coffee and keeping it really light with lots of airflow and ending up with a sweet coffee with dried cranberry, hibiscus, cherry notes beneath chocolate and a winey mouthfeel.

Burundi coffee has been off the map for the past 20 years because of the civil war and unrest, but Burundi is back. Coffee is their number 1 export and main source of income, whether its growing it, harvesting it, processing it, transporting it, exporting it. Their coffee does indeed deserve its reputation as being among the finest in the world.

US Arrival: March 2024

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