Burundi Honey Kayanza

Burundi Honey Kayanza

The region around the Kayanza mill is suited to grow some of the best coffee in Burundi.  It is surrounded by the Ruvubu National Forest, has freshwater lakes, and is close enough to the capitol city to have access to infrastructure and technological advances. 

This is a honey process coffee, grown by the Gahahe co-op, consisting of 1700 farmers. It is sorted out as a microlot and consists of only Red Bourbon varietal beans.  

You always have to be a little bit careful with honey processed coffees, but this one isn't as tricky as most. But still, try to keep the roast to 15 minutes or less, and give it as much air flow as you can so that the middle of the bean gets roasted before the outside burns. Out favorite roast on this is about 10 degrees past the end of the first cracks. Here you get a smooth brown sugar, orange, almost carrot cake acidity, and a caramel-raisin sweetness.

If you have an espresso machine or even aeropress, this is a fine candidate for making espresso. Roast it just a little bit darker than you would for coffee, and enjoy the crema and buttery sugar notes that come out in the espresso!

February 2019 arrival in USA.

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