Brazil Forca Cafe

Brazil Forca Cafe

This Brazil comes from a single estate in the Circuita das Aguas region, which is close to Mogiana in the state of Sao Paulo. It has a softer, less harsh presence in coffee blends, offering some notes of cherry and milk chocolate and caramel to your espresso or coffee blends, along with a full body. I like it better as drip coffee than as espresso, but either way the coffee comes out clean with hints of fruit and caramel.

It won 2nd place in the Brazil Cup of Excellence which puts it at a bit of a premium over your average Brazil! The farmer is Cleber Thiago cos Reis Silva 

This is a natural-processed coffee which gives it more complexity, but you don't roast it like a natural process -- you still crank it up and take it medium to dark. The importer who bought it at auction noted watermelon, blueberry, and dark chocolate in their notes. I like it and bought it off of them, but I'm not getting any watermelon or blueberry. But maybe if you roast it lighter you'll taste those flavors in it. 

But I take it 15 seconds into the 2nd cracks, and use it in my espresso blend anywhere from 40% to 80%, adding a little African and Indonesian for the remainder. But if you like that distinct taste of a Brazilian coffee, this is one you can drink, either as a single origin or in a blend.

US Arrival January 2020

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