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Brazil Espresso B56

Brazil Espresso B56

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Brazil is the world’s leading grower of coffee, and a lot of it is “cheap” coffee that is used as fillers, blends, and flavored coffees. But it is particularly nice as an espresso base, so we have this blend of both washed and natural Brazils that you can roast together and either use as straight espresso or use it as a majority base for your espresso.  they are large 16+ beans from Cerrado and have really smooth sweet flavor, almost a vanilla and nutty taste that's really decent as espresso.

For espresso, try taking it 10-20 seconds into the 2nd cracks -- just enough to get a spotty oil. Use it anywhere from 40%-100% in your espresso blend. You can take it as far as 40 seconds into 2nd cracks for a stronger espresso in flavored latte beverages but it starts to get more bitter the darker you go.

US Arrival April 2024