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Green Coffee

Brazil Cerrado

Brazil Cerrado

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Brazil coffee offers mild notes of fruit and nuts and caramel (this is most apparent in espresso, and less so as drip coffee). This one is natural processed and is only the higher quality 17/18 screensize which is considered more complex and cleaner than the smaller 15/16 screensize. In espresso, I'm noting tastes of cocoa and peanut butter, and as coffee it has a slight nuttiness and earth.

My problem with Brazil is that I can get almost as good of results in my espresso from an organic Peru; and for drip coffee, Peru tastes clean whereas Brazil tastes a little earthy -- so when I look at the South American choices, Peru is more versatile for my needs. But Brazil is cheaper, and as espresso it is has a nicer mouthfeel and more crema.

Brazil can also make a nice house-blend coffee if you roast it dark. French Roast to Italian Roast territory, and then blend it 50/50 with a dark Indonesian coffee, and you'll get a full bodied traditional coffee that no one will turn up their nose at.  Drinking it straight tends to be disappointing because of the thin mouthfeel, so you have to blend it with something with heavy body like an Indonesian. Especially if you have a habit of putting cream or milk in your coffee. 100% French Roast Brazil with cream brings out the sweet nuttiness, covers up the earthiness, and turns it into an incredibly good mug of coffee.

But I would suggest a natural-process Brazil such as this one, shines its best as an espresso base. Try it 30+ seconds into the 2nd cracks, and use it in your espresso blend anywhere from 40% to 80%, adding a little African and a healthy dose of Indonesian for the remainder of your blend.

USA arrival: March 2024