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I've been disappointed by every blueberry tea I've found on store shelves, so I finally tracked one down that meets my expectations. This is unmistakable blueberry, and it shines as an iced tea, but it's a very nice hot tea as well. I iced a pitcher of this and took it to a picnic, and everyone wanted to know how I made it. Does not really taste like it is a tea -- it tastes more like a kool-aid powder.... except natural instead of artificial.

Ingredients: Blueberry, Rose Hips, Blackberyy Leaves, Natural Flavor.

Tasting Notes: Very Blueberry, Fruity, Full Bodied.

Steep: 4 tsp of tea for every 12oz water. Water temperature: 205. Add 1 Tbsp of sugar for every 12 ounce of water. Steep time 5 minutes. Refrigerate. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Hot: 2 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Water temperature 205. Steep for 3 minutes. Sweetener recommended.

Approximately 7 Tbsp in a 1 ounce package.