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Beautiful Burundi

Beautiful Burundi

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Burundi is a landlocked country in Africa, about the size of Maryland.  They are recovering from a civil war from 1993-2006 where 300,000 people died and no coffee was exported.  Now just a decade later, issues of corruption, ethnic inequality, poverty, and unemployment are threatening to start civil war again.

But from the farmers trying to make a living, trying to find hope and beauty in the chaos, emerges this fantastic coffee with undertones of brown sugar and burnt carrot cake, caramel, and butter.

The Long Miles project is basically one family with a farm, collaborating and expanding with a network of nearby farmers, all who are the cutting edge in Burundi coffee right now. The knowledge, experience, and care they possess is impressive. And they are located in the area with the highest altitude and best climate for growing coffee in the whole country.

Make a mug and enjoy a feeling of hope and resolution.

Burundi Mahonda Tasting Notes:  Brown Butter, Slight Orange, Carrot Cake, Caramel finish