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Roasted Coffee

Bali Blue Moon

Bali Blue Moon

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The Indonesian island of Bali is pristine: chemical fertilizers and pesticides are outright illegal. The coffee is grown on the volcanic soil up in the mountains, and processed in traditional Indonesian wet-hulled method. The result is a rare and special coffee that is rich and warming. The temples of Bali are protected by Guardian statues that are said to house demon spirits who have converted from evil to good and now guard the temple as restitution for their past evil deeds. So Mister Mug dressed up like a Guardian to protect the coffee beans from anyone trying to drink them all when you aren't looking. This is a dark roast, similar to Sumatra, but this coffee has a distinct taste specific to Bali Island. It doesn't have as much "earthiness" as Sumatra, but it does have the spicy, chocolate,  rustic Indonesian attributes.

Tasting Notes: Bali Blue Moon -- licorice root, spice, cocoa, thick body, low acid

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