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7 LB Sample Pack

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This item is for 7 pounds of green coffee -- 1 LB of 7 different kinds of our choice of unroasted coffees.
The other green bean websites sell “sampler packs” as a way of getting rid of their coffees that they can’t sell otherwise… but people kept asking me to offer a sampler, so here we go. Think of it as an introduction to Happy Mug Coffees. I’ll do it well, and I’ll do it the cheapest. I figure you are either 1 — buying this as a gift for someone else 2 — new to coffee roasting or 3 –new to Happy Mug and enjoy a good surprise.
So you will get all different kinds of GOOD coffee because my goal is to get you beans you like so much that you’ll soon be back to order again. The sample packs are made in batches, so if you order two of them you will likely get two sets of the same coffees. You will get 1LB each of 7 different varieties. You will get at least one coffee from each of the four major growing regions (Central America, South America, Indonesia, Africa). You will get at least 2 different processing methods (Washed, Natural, Pulped Natural). This will give you a good mix so there will definitely be something in there to impress you.
If you have a general request, like “I like coffees that make good espresso” feel free to write it in the comments when you order and we will do what we can to appease you, but if you already know what you like, you should buy what you want! The goal here is to surprise you with coffee that you will discover that you like :)

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