Growing Regions

Generally the highest demanded coffee is that which is grown around Lake Kivu, on the border of Congo and Rwanda.  

Roasting Guide

Rwanda is always processed as a washed process coffee, and for that reason, can be taken just about into French roast territory with fantastic results. But a good Rwanda will also shine just shy of the 2nd cracks, where it may showcase undertones such as figs, molasses, cocoa, and a juiciness, while being fairly toned down on acidity and no earthiness to speak of in the aftertaste.


When you have a good cup of Rwandan coffee, you remember it for years.The quality is highly variable from year to year even from the same co-ops and regions – in fact, even different lots from the same co-op in the same harvest can be starkly different from each other. Rwanda has only been largely available for about the past 5 years now, and they have a long way to go on consistency and quality, but it is a fun coffee, a good coffee, and has a very bright future.