Rwanda Nyabumera

Rwanda Nyabumera

When we bring in Rwanda coffee, we often try to find the chocolate-driven taste profile, with less acidity and less fruit.

This one likes to be roasted not quite to the second cracks. There's a fairly large window of ending temperature in this area where you will get good results, but for your first try, take it to the verge of 2nd cracks. We are getting strong chocolate and slight almond notes in it here. If you go a little lighter you get raisins and plum flavors dancing in the background.  Juicy and complex. If you go lighter yet, you get lemongrass notes, which I feel like detracts from the enjoyment that the medium roast flavor offers. 

This coffee comes from the Nyabumera washing station in the Nyamasheke District of Rwanda, operated by the COOPAC cooperative. This small lot comes from just two producers: Jean Ndagijimana and Angelique Nyirangendahayo.

Instead of being high acidity, thin bodied, and super fruity like our other Africans, this one is smoother, richer bodied.  Makes for a really nice medium roast mug of coffee.

US Arrival: November 2020

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