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Generally speaking, you want to roast your Colombians to 2nd cracks at a minimum.At that level, a good Colombian will have a pleasant acidity, a traditional taste, and be very drinkable, though not memorable.A really nice Colombian at 2nd cracks will have hints of dark fruits and a sweet aftertaste, but this is the exception and not the norm.Colombian is not the best choice for espresso blends, but in a pinch it can substitute for the Brazil or Peru.For espresso, you want the bean to be 20 seconds into the 2nd cracks, and you’ll have a sweet shot and lots of crema, although not a lot of power.You can also drink it --or even better, blend it – at this level.For French Roast go ahead and take it the 50 seconds into rolling 2nd cracks.A pot of Colombian gets you a coffee that won’t wow anyone, but is nonetheless a solid mug of coffee most people would be willing to get a refill on.

Aside from special and rare lots, Colombian coffee is a washed process coffee.

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