Honduras Natural Agustin Bonilla

The COMSA FTO co-op has a few thousand farmers, and they all pool their coffee together and get paid well for their contributions to the harvest. but the quality each year was declining as more and more farmers joined the co-op, so COMSA started a cupping competition to improve quality. The farmers with the winning coffee get to sell their coffee as a microlot at auction. So for the past three years, we've been buying some of the winning coffees instead of buying from the general pool. They are quite a bit more expensive, but they are traceable back to the exact farmer, and they are rewarding high quality, and they are great coffees.

This is a natural processed coffee, and so it doesn't taste anything like a regular Honduras coffee. The first cracks start late and last much longer than you would expect. So we actually are breaking the rules and pulling the coffee out of the roaster before the cracks end, and it's not creating a raw or sour taste. If you wait until they finish, the coffee will look a little bit darker then you expect  and be flat-tasting (no acidity), but still tastes nice and can make a stunning shot of espresso. In the lightest roasts you notice the watermelon, strawberry, and juicy flavors, with just a hint of earthiness. Don't take this bean to the 2nd cracks, but if you head towards them, you get more savory tastes like sweet grain, cocoa nibs, and ripe cherry. Because it has both the savory and sweet components, this coffee is particularly interesting to drink and altogether pleasant. It has a medium body and fruity aroma. One of our favorite coffees every year.

US Arrival September 2019