El Salvador

Washed-process El Salvador is rarely worth getting excited about. It is not bad coffee by any means, but it is not special coffee either. Its lack of complexity and depth makes it quickly forgettable. Roasting it just into the 2nd cracks is typically your best bet.  The best estates do have something to brag about in their coffee beans, but those beans are often priced accordingly.

The Natural processed El Salvadors are a fantastic value. Considerably cheaper than a natural processed African, but in many ways comparable – with a fruity tone (often cherry) that can’t be overlooked. As with most Natural processed coffees, you typically want to keep it out of the 2ndcracks.

The Pulped-Natural (honey processed) coffees are my favorite, with a traditional coffee taste, subtle cherry, slight acidity, clean aftertaste, and extraordinary honey-like sweetness.

There are several reputable estates, and many of them offer all three processing methods.