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Central American

El Salvador San Miguel Washed

El Salvador San Miguel Washed

This El Salvador is a washed processed microlot on the San Miguel estate which is 4000 feet up in the mountains near to Guatemala. This is the Bourbon varietal which is one of the nicest Central American varietals, but becoming less common because of its lower yield per plant.

While El Salvador tends to not be a particularly exciting coffee origin, this one is far higher quality than the common export. Finca San Miguel observes the environmental, economic and social aspects of the coffee production. The farm conserves a natural rain forest, which is hundreds of years old and serves as a habitat for many diverse animal species.

In the very lightest roast just 30 seconds out of first cracks, you find floral and caramel sweetness. The overall experience seems on par with something like eating a vanilla wafer.

I recommend roasting it like a Colombia or maybe a degree or two darker, but basically you want a medium roast -- verge of or not quite into 2nd cracks. It's a reasonably normal, traditional tasting coffee at this roast level but the undertones of flowers, pear, caramel, and citrus make it special.

USA arrival: February 2023

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