Tanzania Itumpi Peaberry

Tanzania Itumpi Peaberry

A Peaberry is a mutation — a flaw in the coffee gene causing two cherries to grow as one. Some suggest it gives it twice the flavor. Few coffee fans consider it a “flaw” and many seek it out. Indeed, in some countries they are rare. In Tanzania, they are more the norm and are particularly marketed to the United States. This is a wonderful coffee, if you can roast it well -- peaberries are small and dense, so it likes a lot of heat, especially for the first half of the roast. So it’s a tricky bean, but when you nail it, it’s all worth it! Tip: If you have a Hottop or Bullet or other small drum roaster, it can help to let the roaster “start” its roast for 45-60 seconds before dropping the beans in. Whatever roaster you have, if you preheat the drum hotter than normal, you’re on the right track. A good exit point for Tanzania is on the lighter end, not too far out of the 1st cracks. If you let it out too early, you have an unripe melon taste, but give it two more degrees and you get tart citrus, zippy acidity, peach, and red apple in the finish.

This coffee is from the Southwest region of Mbeya, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia. This is often where we end up finding the Tanzania lots with the taste profile that we want. 

US Arrival: January 2020

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