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Roasting Guide

Tanzania is best before it hits 2nd cracks, and depending on personal taste, you may find you like it roasted quite light, where the good ones will be complex enough and with brightness that you could call it a poor man’s Kenya. The average Tanzania lends itself to blending, and will especially add a nice dimension to an otherwise rough Sumatra.

Although its uncommon, you occasionally see a natural-sundried Tanzanian coffee for sale.  These have intense sweetness and are best roasted very light, similar to a natural Ethiopian.  


Tanzania coffee is not one of the most-sought after African origins.  It is one of the least consistent origins in the world as far as how it tastes from one harvest to the next.  It tends to be tart, but not fruity, no undertones that stand out, no unique characteristics that make it famous. But you'll find some with grapefruit, some with green apple, some with peach, etc.  Some Tanzania is sweet instead of tart, and those are my favorite.  The peaberry mutation is extremely common, to the point that it is often easier to find peaberry than flatbean for sale on the US market. 

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