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Colombia Narino Buesaco

Colombia Narino Buesaco

In Narino coffee is everywhere, seemingly everyone grows it or is a part of the process. But in the micro-region of Buesaco, its a serious part of life. Every time you get in a jeep to drive to a farm there's coffee being dried on the side of the street or weighed down trucks bringing beans to the warehouse. Craft coffee is becoming a bigger deal in this area. With fantastic coffeeshops like, Amor Perfecto, offering region-specific brews and sourcing only Colombian beans you get the sense that the Buesaco coffee farmers are starting to take a lot of pride and attention to their production.

This bean comes from a single farmer by the name of Alvaro Montilla. He owns the highest altitude land in all of Buesaco and grows an amazing coffee on it.

We picked this coffee over other lots that we tried because it has a brown sugar and apple sweet fruit taste that really hits the spot. It's a delicious medium roast -a real gem. When we take it lighter, just 30 seconds out of 1st cracks we taste a nice juicy coffee with lemon-lime acidity, raspberry, lemongrass, honey, lots of complexity. This is where the coffee is most interesting but not the most drinkable. If you take it a little darker, not quite to 2nd cracks but heading towards it, you get apple, cherry cola, brown sugar, very smooth, so easy to drink. If you want a dark roast Colombia, you are probably better off buying a less expensive bean, but if you accidentally take this one dark, it can handle it, with slight hints of fruit sweetness beneath the roastiness.

US arrival March 2024

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