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Colombia Pacamara

Colombia Pacamara

Pacamara is a varietal that grows larger than normal, but it's hard to grow and you don't see it too often. The varietal tends to taste fruity and is highly desirable. This is an offering from a small farm in the Huila region called El Recreo (Recess, or Playground), and the farm is a coffee playground where they grow lots of experimental lots and processing methods and have a lab for quality control.  Huila is generally my favorite region of coffee out of Colombia, and I'm a big fan of Pacamara beans, and this one does not disappoint.

My favorite roast of this is just at verge of 2nd cracks -- don't get into 2nd cracks or it will get bitter and lose its sweetness. If you're okay with some tart citrus acidity, its okay to roast this more like a Costa Rica and end it half way between the end of 1st cracks and begining of 2nd cracks. But I take it just to verge of 2nd cracks and get slight tartness with lime, cranberry, and cherry notes, medium acidity, really nice sweet fruity aftertaste that leaves you wanting another sip. Pleasant in every way. Add to the fact that the coffee bushes are surrounded by the ancient forest of the Andean Mountain range, and it's the most special mug of Colombia we've seen in a while. We've just been drinking it as coffee, but it seems to work nicely in espresso as well as any other coffee brewing method. You can also roast it dark (45 seconds of 2nd cracks) to get a nice french roast that you can add cream to and taste like coffee without it being overly burnt tasting.

USA arrival May 2021

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