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Colombia Huila Pink Bourbon

Colombia Huila Pink Bourbon

Colombia is making great strides in traceability, quality, and responsible farming. This washed process microlot came from the Huila region via the ASOBOMBO co-op. Pink Bourbon doesn't produce much and it doesn't live very long. It's hard to know when to harvest because the fruit is pink when it's ripe. With other coffees, pink means unripe. If you wait for this one to turn red it spoils. 

Pink Bourbon coffee tastes magical. Not like coffee. It changes every way I brew it, but as I'm drinking it from a french press right now I'm getting a coconut milk curry sweetness and raspberries. Yesterday I was getting more of a tart paypaya and floral flavor in it.  You pretty much want to roast it like a regular Colombia washed process coffee. For us, that means just shy of 2nd cracks. 

Producing pink bourbon coffee requires a crazy amount of labor and passion. Everything about this coffee is so cool. We're sharing it with everyone who walks in the door just to see their reaction. It's not cheap, but it's a labor of love.

US Arrival December 2023

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